till-dawn-love asked: You are a brilliant writer. Just because things are not given much thought does not make them less lovely, less meaningful, or less valid. I love both this blog and your other, just so much beauty all the time!

Thanks so much, never hate receiving compliments as lovely as this. You and your blog are both beautiful too :)

Sins (Dust)

Counting sins with the devil.

A desperate demon in tow.

With easy fear and little hope.

That corner of the eye foe.

Does his worst in full, rounded bouts.

Pockmarked with ill will and lust.

The bevelled edge of infinite doubts.

And tiny screams falling short of the dust.

I’m not gonna be accepting Anon ask’s anymore. If you’d like to talk to me, let me see who you are.

Anonymous asked: On dbl tke you said you'd taken someone for granted. That why you need a hug? How did you do it? Or come to the conclusion?

A little bit I guess. She doesn’t speak to me anymore, because in all honesty I was a bad friend. I just couldn’t see it at the time. My ex-girlfriend wasn’t comfortable with my relationship with my friend, and she wanted me to distance myself from her. So I, being a fool who wanted to make her happy, did that. I wasn’t choosing my ex over my friend… I just figured my ex would get over it, and eventually trust me more, and things could go back to normal. But it was too late, the damage was done. So yeah, I miss her, and that’s not fun, but I mainly just need a hug because I always feel low in winter :/

Anonymous asked: Hugs sent. What's going down in your world?

Not much currently. Just trying to not get too down over Christmas. I always get low this time of year. Next year is going to be awful hectic and stressful, and the anticipation of that is not helping my mood. Just trying to stay positive.

Anonymous asked: You said it's almost all about the same topic? What and why is that? Do you need a hug or something?

Yeah, it tends to be about my lack of resolve and self discipline. It’s the thing I hate most about myself. It’s the thing I always end up writing about… my struggle to overcome it. 

I could do with a hug right now actually yeah :/ 

Anonymous asked: Ello, i'm the one who asked about your "eloquent & versatile vocab." Truly appreciate you getting back to me. your advice is great help & will def. attempt to apply it. i'd love to send you a short piece i wrote to get your thoughts... Ps. you need to get on that godaddy bill & get dbltke up again. ahaha Cheers & thx again bud!

It’s my pleasure. Yeah that would be ok, i’ll take a look :) 

I know! But I have zero cash :/ DBL TKE is still there. Just at http://dbltke.tumblr.com 

Anonymous asked: how do you achieve such eloquent & versatile vocabulary? i love to write & i do write in somewhat similar style but i have such a hard time finding the right/precise words. it's really frustrating. How do i fix this?

Reading. I don’t read nearly as much as I should do nowadays. But I used to read a lot, at quite informative ages, and I’d read my mums books, so I think that’s where I developed my vocabulary. So all I can suggest is read more :s

And as for finding the right word, sometimes the most obvious, or simple word, is precisely the right word for what you’re trying to say. We often feel the need to mix up the language we use or use a less common word of phrase for something. You don’t need to do this. When you’re trying to think of how to say something, put it in the simplest terms. Then think about what it is you’re saying as opposed to how you’ve said it. I think visually and metaphorically about the very straightforward concept I have in my mind. And that informs the picture i want to paint. Which helps me decide what words to use.

I don’t know if that makes any sense but that’s how i do it I think. But like I say in my description, when I think too much about it, I’m always less happy with it. 

Anonymous asked: Let it out. Let the words pour

I find it difficult to justify to myself writing for fun when i have work to get done. And i’ve had so much work due. Maybe now it’s christmas I’ll write some more :)

Anonymous asked: Do you think that maybe when you write that actually you are writing about real things? That maybe when you let go and your pen touches that paper that you've stopped blocking it all (all the stuff you told yourself didn't hurt)

I know when I’m writing about real things. Sometimes, perhaps my descriptions or the tone of the piece are subconsciously influenced by how I’m feeling. So maybe sometimes how I’m feeling can come through in what I write. But that’s only I’m just writing anything that randomly comes to mind. I’m pretty aware of what I’m trying to say when I have decided to actually write about a topic that means anything to me. It’s almost always the same topic too.